How to keep cool temperature in car garage during summer

If you want that in your garage in summer heat there was a cool temperature and as good ventilation, it is necessary to provide good inflow of fresh air. Not the big fans from the case of the computer which need to be fixed on ventilating apertures providing an air flow which as a rule are located in the bottom, in a garage wall for this purpose will approach. Fans it is connected to 12 volt power unit, and the power unit is included in electric the timer, (is on sale in any electric gadgets shop). We adjust the timer so that our fans joined only at night when in the street it is cool, and were switched off when the heat began. In such a way in garage, with average temperature, all the summer long it was possible to maintain temperature about 20 degrees, the temperature in the street reached in the afternoon 40 degrees.

How i built my car garage

My garage is directly in we wash the house. Under the primary project it should be 3,5х6 meters. It in any way did not suit me, therefore has made updating in which result garage was extended to 13,5 meters. It is quite possible to find room two cars and the trailer. Certainly, much more correctly that the garage would be wide and had two collars since in we would wash a case what to expel the forward car it is necessary to expel back, and it is not so convenient. On the one hand, the garage under one roof the house is a luxury but if to consider that frosts in our district happen to-45 degrees, warm garage very much even a good piece to keep a SUV or other expensive car. On the average the temperature there keeps +5 – +7 during the winter period, despite that that I do not heat at present. It quite is not bad. Meanwhile garage gate steel 3х2 the m, which warmed by special material. At building has admitted one miscalculation – has made garage too low. Distance from the top aperture of gate to a ceiling of only 25 centimeters. It means that usual automatic garage gate will not put. There not less than 30 cm space to leave is necessary. In we wash a case it is necessary to order more expensive variant of gate. In the near future I will necessarily put. What is would be, with the electric drive and the panel. Also there is ventilation in garage which is fastened to the general system and leaves on a roof.

In the same place in garage I have a cellar in which store a potato, different vegetables and the products preserved in the summer period in glass jars. The given form of car garage has appeared rather convenient in respect of that there it was very easy to store large-sized building materials, such as boards, plywood etc. Also it served a workshop where stood the machine tool when completion of top levels was conducted and it was undesirable in the house in view of that in it already lived. Next year I plan to make a heat-insulated floor in garage directly under car which will be warmed up by a liquid of system of heating of the house.

How to build house cheap

How to build the house cheap – a question exciting many people. I was not an exception only some years ago. I tell it in past tense because the house at me is already constructed I in it I live with the family and many moments fear inspiring before and horror have ceased to be those. A question on how to construct the house, starts to arise, when life in apartment ceases to be comfortable, or you do not have apartment, but there is some part of money. The given site is devoted first of all to those who has ventured (or is going to venture) independent erection of a cottage. Personally the question, on that began to excite me how to construct the house while neighbors have absolutely got. Constant noise, fights, drunks, addicts. Separate neighbors managed for years to do repair in the apartments which, as it is known, is accompanied the constant noise which is not giving to any possibility to have a rest and relax. Sleep debt constants at all do not promote strengthening of health and sensation of happiness, therefore has been decided what by image to change that a place of the residence. To be at war with neighbors of sense was not. It is possible to be at war with one, two but when their quantity prevails easier most to move. However moving – not panacea for there is no guarantee that new tenants will not appear the breezed morons. It is possible to receive in advance, of course, the information on potential tenants through a wall, but a trouble that they sometimes change. It is possible to be occupied in apartment with normal neighbors who will soon move, and their place will be occupied with excessively noisy individuals. Such to me already time was necessary to know what it feels like. So, doubts do not remain – it is necessary to get over in the habitation. However money for acquisition of this was not in enough, therefore there was a natural question – how to construct the house? On pages of this site I will describe the way of creation and the theme will be opened how easier to construct the dream. In big parts of operations took direct part itself personally, observing as far as possible, safety precautions for I am the worker of petroleum industry, where with these affairs extremely strictly. How to build houses, now I am familiar not by hearsay.